Sölden. Après. Ski.

Be yourself. But please loud.

When the music is audible from outside and you feel like beeing controlled by a unvisable hand, then it leads you direclty to the entrance of Almrausch. Once you enter, there are no more questions. As well good sense might stay outside. Cause' you haven't seen before, what's awaiting you here: the new generation of party in Soelden. Après Ski of an unprecedented level.

The Bermuda Triangle. Center of the night.

Luck and Happiness in between popping corks and trendy dancing moves. Music from the international music market. On the turntables: famous DJs with uncomparable scene-hits. On the tables: girls, who escort the partypeople during the entire night and let the atmosphere explode. And you? You're right in the middle. In Soelden's Bermuda Triangle. Après ski of a new dimension.

Du willst keine party verpassen?


MO - SO  14.00 - 01.00