FIRE & ICE: Sölden. Party. Celebrate.

One night can change everything.

Two elements. Hotter. Colder. Origin and start of everything. Once they meet each other, everything's too late. Nothing is as before. The beats explode. And you feel it: Soelden is Party. Love. Luck. Euphoria. Colorful lights pulsate. Everybody goes to the limit. Overcomes it. And enjoys the uncomparable ambiance of Fire & Ice. It will let you melt. It will light the fire in you. Tonight's the night in Soelden - the party of your life.

Ice cold at it's best. The fuel for dancers.

A cool drink at the bar. Served with a smile. Here everybody is seen more than just a guest. He/she is part of the game, where everybody wants the same: a neverending party. Celebrating without any compromises. Shot after shot. Cocktail after cocktail. Dancing the entire night. When the atmosphere tenses and the floor begins to burn. Till suddenly it's quiet as a mouse. It's the lull before the storm. - And the curtain falls!

Du willst keine party verpassen?


MO - SO  15.00 - 03.00